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Package Management Feature

No more package-pick-up traffic at the lobby

Increasing the efficiency and accuracy of handling packages is among the top priorities of building owners today, considering the rapid surge in internet shopping.  With Block's unique GPS-linked notification feature, Residents will receive reminders every time they walk in the front door.  No more missed packages.

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Save time

Block cuts handling time to 1/4. More time for you. Focus on value added work for your clients.

Accurate Data

Less human work, more accuracy. You have access to the data whenever you need.

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Efficient shelf

Immediate notification and pick-up. No more piles of packages in your building storage room. 


Record of packages

Keep track of deliveries and eliminate mishandling through electronic verification.

No training necessary

With our easy-to-navigate and intuitive User Interface design, no training is needed. 


How it works

1. Scan

Front desk personnel scans package.

2. Notify

Residents receive notifications on their smartphones, immediately and when they return to the building.

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3. Sign

Residents sign electronically at pick-up.




Advanced GPS-based Notification

Block uses a GPS-based notification system to make sure packages are not forgotten: first, an automatic notification is sent as soon as the package is delivered to the building; thereafter, Residents receive a reminder each time they return to the building location.

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Tracking status

Keep track of inventory real-time by recording every delivery as-it-happens.  Organize and search inventory easily by status, by delivery date, by resident, by tracking number, and by carrier.



Keep the record

Avoid all troubles and package mishandling by maintaining an accurate and real-time record of deliveries.  Verify each delivery by electronic signature so that no package will go to the "wrong" recipient. 

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