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How It Works - Work Orders

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Work Orders

Minimize Property Managers' time by Vendor Assignment system


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1. Submit

Tenant submits a request via phone.

Service Request Submit.jpg

2. Invite

PM invites a vendor into the conversation.

Invite vendor.jpg

3. Communicate

Everybody communicates in one place

three way.jpg

4. Solve

Problems get solved in the fastest manner.

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Package Management

No more package-pick-up traffic at the lobby


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1. Scan

Front desk personnel scans package.


2. Notify

Tenants receive notifications on their smartphones, immediately and when they return to the building.

iPhone Notified.png

3. Sign

Tenants sign electronically at pick-up.




Simple yet powerful. It gets everything done


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1. Post

Draft an announcement, add pictures, and click to publish.

2. Notify

Only targeted tenants will receive notifications. 

Announcement notification.jpg

3. See

Tenants can check the announcement anytime in Block.


Announcement Video Demo


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