A property management software tailored to Independent owners

From keeping records of your purchases, book-keeping, preparing for tax reporting, to scheduling repairs and communicating with tenants, Block saves time and makes life easy for independent owners like you.



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Block will prepare your financial statements in tax filing friendly format such as Schedule E. Automatic categorization of your income and expenses will reduce your most time-consuming bookkeeping work.

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Work Orders

Block deleted lots of steps that previously burdened Property Managers. You can now assign vendors directly to any service request to ensure the fastest response and resolution.

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Want to send special messages and Announcements to only a selective group of tenants or owners? Use Block create announcements and ensure that absentee owners are kept informed of everything.

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Easy tax preparation

Simply copy the numbers from our Schedule E (and other forms) onto your self-prepared tax form, or share it with your accountant.

Give your accountant access to your Block account, so any questions about transactions can be resolved quickly.


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Less time = More business

Time is money. Are we right? You spending your precious time on tedious and routine matters that could be automated (like relaying messages between vendors and tenants) costs you and your company so much money. Block saving your time will achieve a significant cost benefit for your company and your clients because you can spend your time on more value added work. 

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Transparent record keeping wins

Transparency is fundamental to earning trust and getting the recognition you deserve for your hard work.  Through Block, you can easily maintain a record of your work and communications with tenants/vendors/building staff so there will be no more doubt or dispute!  Use Block to generate monthly/annual reports to help landlords understand the amount and scope of your work.

Helps you get more clients

Using Block is already a proof of how much you care about tenants and landlords. Use Block's information to discuss trends, problems, and opportunities unique to each building/apartment and offer catered services. Technology does not exist to take your job. It exists to help your business prosper.

Why Block?

Block eliminated many unnecessary steps and communications from the traditional property management workflow.  Time is money.  Let technology save time for property managers, owners and tenants.

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Save time

Block cuts handling time of your work up to 1/2.



We take data security seriously, and follow the industry's best practices.


Easy Integration

Block is compatible with most existing industry software.  Set-up is easy.


Customer support

Every time property manager changes, we will come teach how to use Block.

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Happy owners

What would you like the most?  Let us help you make your customers happy.


Customer Support

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THE BEST customer support

We will do our best to eliminate any frustrations related to our product.  Our customer support team is trained to help you until you solve the problem, as fast as they can.  

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Apps for Tenants!

Please download Block for your smartphone from here.